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Thank you for your interest in helping out at Portland Blues Experience! It takes a lot of support to make an event run smoothly, and volunteers play no small role.

Past consistent PBEx volunteers will be given first preference for volunteer opportunities, and then we will open up volunteer positions to all others who are interested.  Check the Facebook group for updates:

Volunteers will be recruited for the following:

After Hours: Volunteers are asked to serve the same 1-2 hour shift  all four nights of the event . Compensation is $10 per hour reimbursement for after hours dances after each shift is completed.

Daytime – Waterfront Blues Festival Front Porch Stage ‘Ask Me Where To Dance’ booth We provide information about places to experience live music and dance around Portland and beyond. Come pass out flyers and answer questions about how to get involved in social dancing, and where to dance!

Questions? Email [email protected].

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