~Parking Advice Is At The Bottom Of This Page~

Waterfront Blues Festival

Friday June 30th – Tuesday July 4th


The festival takes place in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The dance floor is located by the “Oregonian” Front Porch Stage at the North end of the festival. Registration packets and information may be picked up at the PBEx “Ask me where to dance” Booth will be by the “Oregonian” Front Porch Stage at the Louisiana Pavilion. For more information visit the Waterfront Blues Festival’s website.

~Parking Advice~

We recommend parking on the East Bank between Belmont and Oak Street West of MLKJ.  You can park in that area and walk over the Morrison Bridge.  After the festival walk back over the bridge to Oak Street Building at 3rd and SE Oak St.  Street parking is available.

DO NOT LEAVE BAGS OR VALUABLES IN YOU CAR IN PORTLAND.  We are called felony flats for a reason.  Someone will happily break your window for anything that looks like a bag, a clean and organized car is the best defense.  Even if it’s not valuable to you, the broken window isn’t worth it.

We will have people at the door to let you in, watch people walking to and from their cars, and walk people to their cars.  The neighborhood has many homeless people, however we haven’t had any problems with violence or assault, everyone is pretty peaceful.



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